CodeLagos Certificate of Completion

CodeLagos has been set up as a platform for interested Lagos residents to learn how to code FREE of charge.

The program offers free coding classes for students in primary and secondary schools, as well as tertiary institutions. The program also offers an option for individuals outside the school system (over the age of 16) to enroll for FREE six-week coding classes at any of our out-of-school centers.

Students participating in the CodeLagos out-of-school program have the option – upon successful completion of the program – to request a Certificate of Completion.

While certificates are NOT the end goal of CodeLagos classes, we understand that some individuals may want to hold the document as evidence of participation in the course, for personal reasons. As such, we provide the option for interested students to obtain an e-certificate.

Eligibility Requirements for CodeLagos Certificate

  • You must have adhered to the program Code of Conduct for the duration of your six week course
  • Be verified by your facilitator as having successfully completed the course you enrolled for
  • You must have met attendance requirements for your course

If you are sure you’ve met these requirements, you may request a certificate from your CodeLagos facilitator or the Delivery Partner responsible for your center. You will be required to pay a processing fee of 2,500 Naira to the program account managed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and your e-certificate will be issued electronically to the email account you provide.

CodeLagos is a project of the Office of the Special Adviser on Education, aimed at making coding education accessible to Lagos State residents.