Daniel Adekunle – Security Guard Turn Software Developer!

When Daniel Adekunle was deployed as a Security man to Andela, he was trained to profile visitors, gather intelligence, guard lives and properties as well as ensure the security of the entire building. It didn’t take long for his sense of responsibility to be evident to his employers.

On the other hand, it took awhile for him to really understand what the company was into. Adekunle while sharing his story said, “I thought Andela was a cybercafé, a very good one at that to have attracted such young and sharp guys I saw walking into the building every day.” He was shocked to later realize that Andela was a global company, building a community of world-class developers in Lagos, Nigeria!  He said he never even thought applications were built in Nigeria. “The realization that software applications can and are actually built in the country sparked my interest in computer programming,” he added.