Welcome to 2017: The Beginning of the Future

Welcome to 2017: The Beginning of the Future

The New Year – 2017 – is here and already counting. Yes it’s a great year to be alive in Lagos, Nigeria.

This year, Lagos State joins the league of forward thinking governments all over the world positioned to midwife the future – The Tech Future. Lagos Sate will become the technology frontier in Africa with the official launch of the CodeLagos Initiative.

You would recall that the project was unveiled last year on November 11, 2016 to the business community, including captains of industries, policy makers, investors, and other education stakeholders from both public and private sector. The unveiling also served as the first official announcement to the public about this audacious initiativeof the government aimed at training 1 million Lagosians to code by 2019.

Later, at the presentation of the Y2017 Budget proposal of N813 billion to the House of Assembly, Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode stated that Lagos state Government will invest in CodeLagos come 2017. “This will prepare our younger ones to meet the new workforce demands, as they harness the benefit of technology and communicate in the language of the future.” He added.

The ball has since been set rolling and the State is poised to commence with a pilot scheme of 500 coding centres across the public and private schools in Lagos in April 2017.

Just imagine what the impact would be on our society if 1 million Lagosians learn how to code!

Sector leaders and public servants alike have bought into the movement, recognizing the potential of this initiative to transform our future.


“The initiative CodeLagos is something I praise the Lagos State government for, it is an initiative that sets Lagos State at par with what is going on worldwide in technology. CodeLagos will change the terrain both in terms of technology, education and of course lifestyle. It’s something I can’t wait to see happen.”

Wunmi Ogunbiyi
GM, Zenith Bank Nigeria


“CodeLagos is important to Lagos. We believe this bold initiative because it is the future for Lagos, it will jump start our economy especially in the technology space. Aiming for 1 million students equipped with coding skills, with a success rate of just 20%, we will churn out over 200,000 potential entrepreneurs that will create businesses and solve problems.”

Mr. Akin Ashade
Honourable commissioner for Finance, Lagos State.


“One important value that coding adds to a business is Analytics. Corporate organizations as well as government want to understand what is going on in their businesses; it gives them insights on how to run their systems. The very essence of Analytics is coding and CodeLagos will empower people with this skill.”

Mr. Femi Osinubi
Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


“Based on the knowledge economy, you will find that we can make a whole lot of money by developing young people with the ability and competencies to deliver the service the future age requires. We can become attractive to the international market’s demands for these services thereby boosting export. We are aware that oil might not be so relevant to the future economy and Nigeria is running out of oil, too. We should take a cue from most successful economies in the world who do not necessary have mineral resources like Japan which export over $200B worth of goods every year.”

John Obaro

Managing Director, SystemSpecs Limited.


“CodeLagos is for the people, the biggest investment we’ll make is in our people. Sixty-five percent of our population are under the age of 35. If people in that age bracket can just add 1 percent to the GDP of Lagos State, we are talking of over 1 billion dollars. That is precisely the point. That is what CodeLagos can achieve.”

Prof. Ademola Abass
Special Adviser, Overseas Affairs and Investment.


With such a promising array of benefits, we are eager to forge ahead with CodeLagos in 2017. Join this train, partner with us, spread the word, let’s birth the future together.



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