All over the world, work is aided by technology.

In the past decade, the IT skills required to get a job or build a business has steadily but surely become more technical. It is thus important for the 21st Century youth to be equipped with core technical skills – programming – which can greatly improve the chances of employability.

Programming is also cool! Most of the fun tools we use today – Smartphones, Websites like Facebook, Apps like Whatsapp were built by programmers. Interacting with computers and computing is such a critical part of how we live today – programming then, is becoming a core competency.

On a general level, a knowledge of programming also imbibe you with problem solving and logical thinking skills that helps in building creative solutions in every area of life.

Accelerated Classes

The CodeLagos Project realizes that not everyone learns at the same pace.

In line with this, special accelerated classes will be arranged for gifted individuals who wish to proceed at a quicker pace than the schedule in the schools.

Weekly sessions with special facilitators will hold at selected locations to cater for students ready for advanced learning opportunities.

The question isn’t why should you learn programming, it’s Why wouldn’t you?


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