codelagos-infographics-the-numbers-modifiedTo actualize this vision, CodeLagos will employ a multiple-pronged approach, deploying coding education framework across various platforms, including:

  • Primary & Secondary Schools – Public/Private
  • TertiaryInstitutions
  • Public & Private Libraries
  • Public Spaces e.g Community Centers
  • Online

Coding Education Framework
The Lagos State Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology, has launched the first state-sanctioned computer programming education framework with clearly stated learning outcomes.

The new coding education framework will provide basic- to proficiency-level competence in Computer Science, Information technology and digital literacy.

Classes will be set up at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. These centers will be facilitated by experienced tutors to deliver the coding education framework in a regular schedule each academic session.

The ratio of Students to Facilitators has been set to achieve an optimum engagement level.

The attention span of each school demographic was considered in setting each class duration.

Public Spaces
Twice a week, regular classes will hold in public spaces in Lagos State including Public Libraries, Digital Libraries and Community Centers.

Facilitators will hold Basic, Foundation and Advanced classes in each of the selected programming languages and anyone can register to learn at their pace.

Facilitators will be trained through local and international partnerships.

Facilitators need not have advanced coding knowledge and skills to apply for the training scheme and the opportunity to tutor classes. If you’d like to apply as a facilitator, please click here.

On the website, anyone can log on to learn to code at his or her own pace. The coding education framework will be presented through engaging lessons in text, graphical, demo and video formats.