Q: Is CodeLagos free?

A: Participation in CodeLagos is free.


Q: Who provides the equipment for CodeLagos?

A: The Lagos State Government and Private Partners provide required equipment.


Q: What about power supply?

A: In deploying coding centres across schools or community centres, we take into consideration power supply needs, and where necessary, provide alternative power solutions. 

Q: What are the requirements to serve as a facilitator?

A: While basic computer knowledge is recommended, you are not required to have any special programming knowledge or skill, even though this may be an added advantage.


Q: How will selected facilitators be trained?

A: Facilitators will be trained by our globally acclaimed Training Delivery Partners.


Q: Will the facilitators get paid?

A: In-school facilitators will receive an ICT grant to support their continuous development and in recognition of their additional time commitment outside regular teaching duties. The grant will be disbursed in two tranches – at the beginning and at the end of the school terms.

Out-of-School facilitators will receive a stipend every term, paid after the first week of classes, and at the end of each program session.


Q: How do I participate in CodeLagos?

A: If you want to nominate a school to be a part of the CodeLagos program, please fill this form https://bit.ly/2vSVPiQ. Selected schools will be contacted by a CodeLagos Delivery Partner.

Individuals can register for the Out-of-School program on the CodeLagos website during each registration session. Selected individuals will receive an email of their acceptance into the program.  


Q: What are the benefits of participating in CodeLagos?

A: Participants stand to gain skills that can enhance their probability for employment opportunities in the Tech sector.


Q: What schools will be selected for CodeLagos?

A: Involvement in the programme is open to ANY private or government schools (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) that wishes to participate. 


Q: How will the schools be selected?

A: Schools must meet the following basic CodeLagos requirements before they can be selected to begin the CodeLagos program:

  • Classroom without leaks that can seat a minimum of 20 students
  • Windows and doors with Burglary Proof in place
  • Alternative Source of power
  • Good ventilation
  • 10 working computers and accessories
  • Projector and Screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Functional Electrical Connection for the computers
  • Adequate furniture that can seat 20 students


Q: Will there be centres outside the school premises?

A: Regular classes are held at our public libraries and community centres.


Q: How long will classes last?

A: In-school, the CodeLagos program runs for the entire term. The duration for each class is 45 – 90 mins, depending on the level of the school i.e. primary school or secondary school.