CodeLagos Delivery Partners serve as an integral part of the CodeLagos project team. They manage coding centers in assigned clusters of schools and ensure that coding classes are successful in centers assigned to them. Below is a list of current CodeLagos Delivery Partners.

Organization Website Phone Number Email Address
CBR Global Fix Limited 08060271973
Delphi Technologies 0909444321
Euidem IT Solutions 07032623818
Friends of the Environment 08034540082
Invention Innovation Ideas Limited 08023398312
Kestavar Limited 08033856867
Kowrie Konsept 08034541560
Leadspace 09054462053
SME Portal NG Limited 08028140654
TEP Centre 08174421654
Thinkpeople Limited 09081555546
Veracity House ICT Solution 08030633585
Vortex Consulting Limited 08038763707
Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre 08036211307