Career Pathways- CodeLagos Out-Of-School Program
Course Course Description Next Steps Career
Introduction to Programming with Python This course delivers a thorough & foundational introduction to programming and usage of the main building blocks of Python to create applications.


Topics include all major data and control structures, usage patterns, control flow, and Object Oriented Programming, which extend onto building more complex applications using software development techniques.

Python- Level 2 *Python Application Developer *Data Scientist FrontEnd/ Full Stack Development
Introduction to Programming with Java This course is aimed at newcomers to the Java language, and will offer you the fundamentals on how to read, understand, and create your own programs, in the most popular programming language, globally.


It will provide a stable platform, which you can use to branch into more, advanced Java programming, or apply your newfound knowledge to other languages.

Java -Level 2 Mobile Application Development(Android) *Java Application Developer

*Android Mobile Application Developer

Web Design This is an introductory course on the fundamental technologies that make up the web, explored using the programming language that emerged with the birth of interactive web we know . The learner will walk away with not only the skillset to implement their own web site, but also the underlying knowledge that will undergird their creative initiative as they pursue more exciting projects.


In this course, students will explore the development of the interactive web that we now see. Taking a deliberately slow pace through the basics of web development; this course is targeted as those trying to grasp the fundamental technologies that underpin our digital world, while assuming as little knowledge of programming possible

Web Development Javascript *Frontend/Fullstack Developer *Web Designer

*Javascript Developer